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The Translation RT team prepares professional translations of technical, business and medical documents from and into over 140 languages.

We follow our clients’ guidelines to create top-quality translations in one language or multiple languages. Our skilled linguists work with the latest professional translation software and terminology resources to create accurate final texts to the highest levels in the translation industry.

Translation Services

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  • Express same-day/24-hour certified translation service available

  • We offer a personalised, friendly service for all of the UK & worldwide

  • Simply e-mail your document to us and your translation request will be assessed by our expert project managers

  • 1st class postage in the UK is free and special next-day delivery options are in place for urgent translation requests

Our Rates

*2500 words / 24h
*5000 words / 24h
*7500 words / 24h
Turkic Languages
£0.09 per word
£0.10 per word
£0.12 per word
Other Middle Eastern Languages
£0.09 per word
£0.10 per word
£0.13 per word
Latin American Languages
£0.09 per word
£0.10 per word
£0.12 per word
European Languages
£0.09 per word
£0.10 per word
£0.12 per word
Asian Languages
£0.10 per word
£0.11 per word
£0.16 per word
Arabic Languages
£0.10 per word
£0.12 per word
£0.14 per word
Additional proofreading + £0.04 / word

*Prices start from & may vary. Final price can only be confirmed in an official quote.
The GBP is the default currency. If you would like to pay in another currency, please let us know in your request.


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